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Shadow. 2003. 15 x 11 inches. Watercolour and Gouache.

This is the type of work I was involved in which led me to spend time to find better ways to control the watercolour medium.I don't expect everyone will like this paticular style of work but bear with me, examples of the more traditional watercolour style will follow.

In this particular painting you will note at that I have tried to make a number of colour blends in various areas. For example, the alizarin to red to orange to yellow colour blends in the arches in the lower part of the painting. This would have been very difficult using traditional watercolour techniques.

The dark blue to light blue band above the arches is a colour gradation which can also be difficult to control. You will notice that I had trouble trying to achieve a smooth gradation at this stage of my painting device and technique development. The device now allows me to gradate complex shapes with ease and these techniques will be covered by the tutorials that I am hoping to publish here soon.

The colour blends and gradations throughout this painting imparts a certain dynamic interest and I would like to show how these can be added to your artwork in a simple and effective manner.

Four Nudes

Four Nudes. 2003. 15 x 11 inches. Watercolour and Gouache.

My painting style at this time was rather playful and celebratory. I was playing with shapes colour changes within shapes and gradations. There are many examples here.

Ding Ding

Ding Ding. 2006. 15 x 11 inches. Watercolour and Gouache.


Boots. 2006. 15 x 11 inches. Watercolour and Gouache.

Although these examples show how I've used the Watercolour Charger for my contemporary paintings, I also use it extensively for my more traditional styles of watercolour painting. It is the best tool I have and I couldn't be without one now.

Three Graces

The Three Graces. 11 x 8 inches. 2004

This painting is packed full with gradated shapes, positive and negative shapes, plus hard and soft, lost and found lines/shapes all made more controllable by the use of the Watercolour Charger. I don't think I could have done it without the use of my Charger.

You can see more examples of my work on my Website. Virtually everything after 2003 will have been painted with the use of a Watercolour Charger in one way or another.


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