John Salmon Watercolours.

John Salmon Watercolours
John Salmon

I'm an artist based in North London where I create traditional watercolour paintings using similar tools, materials and techniques as the early watercolour masters. I specialise in painting timeless, atmospheric landscapes inspired by my local surroundings in and around Enfield and Edmonton, North London. My work is in international collections where I have earned a reputation for producing high quality fine art in the tradition of the English School of Painting.

Painting from the imagination and the invention of innovative watercolour techniques and tools is the aim in my contemporary work where I strive to create unusual, unique images. I admire the energy and invention of Pablo Picasso and the dark imagination and technical brilliance of Salvador Dali. Along with the outstanding watercolour master J.M.W. Turner, these are the visionary giants who fired my passion in painting and art at an early age.

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